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Weekly News Roundup: New Apostolic Exhortation, Bad Voting Advice, Abortion Remains Preeminent Issue

In this week’s episode, CFN Editor-in-Chief Brian McCall and Managing Editor Matt Gaspers discuss the following news items:

  • Pope Francis’ New Apostolic Exhortation on the Amazon Synod
    • Entitled Querida Amazonia (“Beloved Amazon” in Spanish, the language in which the text was originally drafted).
    • Dated Feb. 2 but publicly released yesterday (Feb. 12) via a Vatican press conference.
    • Consists primarily of four “dreams” of Pope Francis, with one chapter devoted to each: (1) Social, (2) Cultural, (3) Ecological, and (4) Ecclesial.
    • While neither the ordination of married men to the priesthood nor a female diaconate receive approval, the new document still has plenty of serious problems.
  • San Diego Bishop Offers Deeply Flawed Voting Advice
    • Last week (Feb. 6), Bishop Robert McElroy, known for his support of “LGBT” activist Fr. James Martin, S.J., gave a speech in which he argued that climate change (among other issues) is morally equivalent to abortion — as if defense of the environment is just as urgent as the defense of unborn children.
    • He asserted: “Both abortion and the environment are core life issues in Catholic teaching.”
    • Bishop McElroy grossly misrepresents the hierarchy of priorities which flow from the principles/precepts of the natural law.
  • Abortion is the Preeminent Issue: A Gruesome Reminder
    • Yesterday in South Bend, Indiana, the remains of over 2,000 aborted children received a proper burial.
    • The remains were “discovered in a garage belonging to deceased abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer” last September, according to a Catholic News Agency report.

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