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The Luck of the Irish Runs Out

In his once-famous but now-neglected Confessio, St. Patrick famously wrote of the newly converted inhabitants of the Emerald Isle:

“How has this happened in Ireland? Never before did they know of God except to serve idols and unclean things. But now, they have become the people of the Lord, and are called children of God. The sons and daughters of the leaders of the Irish are seen to be monks and virgins of Christ!”

For 1,500 years, during a millennium and a half of mad hunger, religious oppression, Viking invasion, and largely unsuccessful revolt, the people of Ireland have kept the Roman Catholic Faith alive.

But no longer.

What the Vikings, Normans, and English could not do with swords and arrows and (later) rifles and cannons, the rootless cosmopolitan elite that now stand at the levers of power throughout the West have been able to do in a matter of decades with TVs, iPhones, and computer screens humming with rock videos, football matches, and pornography.

With the now-faithless people of Ireland entertained and drugged, the ever increasing wave of non-European and non-Christian immigration that is ravaging continental Europe and Britain has now landed upon the shores of Shannon and will perform the “mop up” work of eradicating the culture and even the physical presence of the people of Eire whom St. Patrick had baptized so long ago.

But then again, dear reader, you might protest that the Church in Ireland is also to blame.

Certainly, generations of clerical abuse of minors in Ireland (addressed by Benedict XVI in 2010) have turned the Irish away from Holy Communion with Our Lord to unholy communion with electronic devices.

Ireland, in fact, is a strange microcosm not only of the ongoing clergy sexual abuse scandal, but also of the wider effort of global elites, who have capitalized upon the McCarrick and Wuerl scandals by framing clerical sexual abuse as the by-product of a reactionary outmoded institution.

An examination of merely the last two years of the Irish Catholic news cycle reveals just how devious the media is in their hypocritical handling of the abuse crisis, which they manipulate, not to bring degenerates to justice or to protect young men and children from largely homosexual predators, but ultimately to advance the normalization of pederasty (discussed in further detail below), one of the principle goals of the emerging New World Order.

At the center of this mess is the current Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar.

If Mr. Varadkar’s name does not sound very Irish to you, dear reader, that’s because the prime minister is a member of what has been called the “new Irish” or “new Europeans”, that is, the largely non-Christian, non-European Europeans who have been invited into Europe by the rulers of Europe to replace the ethnic Europeans. You see, while Mr. Varadkar was indeed born in Ireland to an Irish Catholic mother, his father emigrated to the land of St. Patrick from India.

Oh, and he is also an active homosexual.

Under its sodomite, Irish-Indian prime minister, Ireland has, in effect, declared war on its Celtic Catholic heritage and its demographic future, overturning its constitutional amendment banning abortion and opening the flood gates of immigration.

All of these policies and the further destruction of the Irish family through divorce, abortion, and same-sex “marriage” have been endorsed and promoted by Mr. Varadkar, who recently has called for the removal of the Catholic Church from the public life of Ireland.

In a speech delivered on August 25 in the presence of Pope Francis, who was in Dublin for the recent World Meeting of Families, Mr. Varadkar announced that the time has come for “a new covenant for the 21st century” between Church and State in Ireland due to increased diversity as well as the new “understanding that marriages do not always work, that women should make their own decisions, and that families come in many different, wonderful forms, including those headed by a grandparent, lone parent or same-sex parents, or parents who are divorced.”

By the way, another reason Mr. Varadkar argues in favor of ousting the Church from the Irish public square is because of “dark aspects” of the Church’s history, including cases of clerical abuse, which were aired just in time for the papal visit. What an amazing coincidence.

But there is more to the story.

Thinking back over the past several years of Irish politics, it is curious to note that both Pope Francis and the Irish bishops were suspiciously silent during the legalization of homosexual “marriage”, as well as during the first step towards the legalization of abortion.

Was it simply the case that the bishops of Ireland are a bunch of liberals who were quietly hoping for the promotion of sodomy and “a woman’s right to choose” murder?


But it is also very possible that Mr. Varadkar and the other liberal leaders of Ireland (and their financial backers and handlers) knew some of the darker secrets of the Irish Church and might have let a threat or two keep the bishops from standing up for divine and natural law.

Indeed, Mr. Varadkar’s recent statements are a potential clue as to why the decades-old American abuse scandals, which had been known by many in positions of power for years, were conveniently released in close proximity to the approaching mid-term elections, when at least some American bishops will hopefully lend support to pro-life and pro-family candidates (and perhaps even to the flawed but nonetheless Christian-friendly Trump administration).

It’s almost as if this recent dump of the Church’s dirty (nay, filthy) laundry was perfectly timed for reasons other than concern for the victims and a desire for justice.

The debacle in Ireland urges us to ask ourselves a series of questions of the greatest importance, which will reveal to us the key to unlocking the grand conspiracy behind both the degeneracy that is justly being exposed as well as the nefarious motivations behind the exposure.

Does the global media in both its leftwing and “conservative” manifestations really care about the well-being of children? It would seem not, for the left and even some neocons have been arguing for the normalization of pedophilia for decades.

The now largely defunct but once popular ran a series of articles defending pedophilia, including the infamous 2015 article “I’m a pedophile but not a monster”, which has since been removed from Salon’s main website.

This notorious piece is just one of many in the mainstream media arguing for a “slow-drip” normalization of pedophilia that mimics past (and clearly successful) efforts to make sodomy more palatable in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by first making it amoral and simply a mental disorder.

In fact, this is precisely the argument given in the Old Grey Lady herself, The New York Times, which in 2014 published an opinion piece by Margo Kaplan titled, “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime”.

More recently, the American Library Association has spoken truth to power by forwarding the “Drag Queen Story Hour” initiative in which cross-dressing pedophiles read childhood classics to America’s youth.

This effort to expose children to perverts has been vigorously defended in the mainstream, including The Huffington Post’s ludicrously titled video, “Drag Queen Story Hour Is The Kids Program We All Need In Our Lives”.

Why would the mainstream media be simultaneously championing the sexualization of children and preparing the way for legalized child sexual abuse while at the same time attacking the Catholic Church for not protecting teenage boys from homosexual rapists?

The question answers itself.

Traditional Catholics and conservative friends of the Church are now rightly rejoicing in the dramatic breakdown of “FrancisChurch” and the imminent collapse of the entire Vatican II, Novus Ordo structure that has corroded the Mystical Body of Christ for the past sixty years.

But is it possible, dear reader, that those who are unveiling the corruption that has been festering in Holy Mother Church for decades (and, perhaps, as crazy as it may sound, centuries) have ulterior motivations for destroying the Church’s credibility at this point in time?

Is it possible that Prime Minister Varadkar’s move to sever the Church from Irish political life is simply the beginning of a larger effort by the Church’s global enemies to extirpate the last flames of the once bright fires of Christendom?

Stayed tuned for more.



Jesse Russell, Ph.D. has published on literary theory, religion, semiotics, and politics in a variety of academic and popular journals.