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SSPX Pilgrim Virgin Statue to Visit Buffalo Weekend of Sept. 23-25, 2016

Our Lady of the Rosary Church
231 McKinley Parkway
Lackawanna (Buffalo), NY 14220


Friday September 23:

6:30 pm Reception of the Pilgrim Virgin statue

7:00 pm Mass and sermon

Saturday September 24:

9:30 am Rosary

10:00 am Sung votive Mass of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sunday September 25:

10:00 am Rosary procession

10:30 am Mass

11:30 am Benediction with consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

What is the Pilgrim Statue?

In 2014 the U.S. District of the Society of St. Pius X commissioned a special statue of Our Lady of Fatima, hand carved and painted according to the vision described by Sister Lucia in her memoirs. The Statue was blessed in August 2014 by outgoing District Superior, Father Arnaud Rostand and solemnly crowned on March 25, 2015, by current District Superior, Father Jugen Wegner.

In the spirit of the past Rosary Crusades, we seek to deepen our relationship with our beloved Mother; to recall that the Rosary is an indispensable means of salvation especially for our families; to foster an apostolic spirit of sacrifice whose source is the Mass and those most common expression is found on the practice of the duties of state; to assist the Pope with our prayers and thereby hasten the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

The statues journey includes chapels, schools, and religious houses in the U.S. District.

A special trailer was built to transport her.

This is a District-wide initiative in preparation for the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady’s 1917 visitations to Fatima.

Imagine the visit of some important guest to your home. The whole family would work together to prepare to receive the guest: cleaning, decorating, and researching the particular interests of the guest. As the guest approaches the whole family gets excited: they all come to welcome and greet. Then the visit consists in honoring and listening, offering gifts, sharing time and getting to know each other better. On the day of departure, everyone wants to be there for the farewell.

The same analogy should be applied here for the visit of Our Lady. It is not a mere image we receive in the parish; we want to better prepare to be visited by Our Lady and to know her spirit better, to consecrate ourselves to her, to honor her and answer her requests; to offer gifts to her and to spend time with her, to become more familiar with her; finally we do not want to miss her departure in order to thank her for coming.

Welcome to Our Lady of Fatima Pilgrim Statue.

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