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THE STATE RELIGION: Some Observations on the Globalist Cult

Some Observations on the Globalist Cult

It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave,
to be given a stamped image on their right hand or forehead.
No one could buy or sell except for those who had the stamped image,
that is, the name of the beast or the number that corresponds to his name.
Rev 13:16-17

In an interesting interview on Fox News titled The Church of Environmentalism (here), journalist Tucker Carlson has brought to light a contradiction that may have escaped the notice of many people but which I consider extremely revealing.

Carlson recalls that the American Constitution prohibits any state religion, but for some time the governing Democratic party has imposed on the American people the globalist cult, with its green agenda, its woke dogmas, its condemnations and cancel culture, its priests of the World Health Organization, the prophets of the World Economic Forum. A religion in all respects, all-encompassing not only for the life of the individuals who practice it, but also in the life of the nation that publicly confesses it, adapts laws and sentences to it, and inspires education and every governmental action around it.

In the name of the globalist religion, its adherents demand that all citizens behave in accordance with the morality of the New World Order, accepting uncritically — and with an attitude of devout submission to religious authority — the doctrine defined ex cathedra by the Davos Sanhedrin.

Citizens are not required merely to share the motivations that justify the health, economic or social policies imposed by governments, but to give their blind and irrational assent, which goes far beyond faith. For this reason, it is not allowed to contest the psychopandemic, criticize the management of the vaccination campaign, argue the groundlessness of climate alarms, oppose the evidence of NATO’s provocation of the Russian Federation with the Ukrainian crisis, ask for investigations into Hunter Biden’s laptop or the electoral fraud that prevented President Trump from remaining in the White House, or refuse to stand by as children are corrupted with LGBTQ obscenities.

After three years of follies incomprehensible to a rational mind but amply justifiable in a perspective of blind fideism, the proposal formulated by an American clinic to ask patients to give up part of their anesthesia so as to reduce their trace of carbon dioxide and “save the planet” (here) should therefore not be read as a grotesque pretext to reduce hospital expenses to the detriment of patients,  but as a religious act, a penance to be accepted willingly, an ethically meritorious act. The penitential character is indispensable in this operation of forced conversion of the masses, because it counterbalances the absurdity of the action with the reward of a promised good: wearing the mask (which is useless) the citizen/religious adherent has made his own gesture of submission, has “offered” himself to the divinity (the State? the community?). A submission confirmed with the equally public act of vaccination, which represented a sort of “baptism” in the globalist faith, the initiation into worship.

The high priests of this religion have even reached the point of theorizing human sacrifice by means of abortion and euthanasia: a sacrifice required by the common good, so as not to overpopulate the planet, burden public health, or be a burden on social security. Even the mutilations to which those who profess gender doctrine are subjected and the deprivation of reproductive faculties induced by homosexuality are nothing more than forms of sacrifice and immolation of oneself: of one’s body, one’s health, including life itself (receiving, for example, an experimental gene therapy demonstrably dangerous and often deadly).

Adherence to globalism is not optional: it is the state religion, and the state “tolerates” non-practitioners to the extent that their presence does not prevent society from exercising this cult. Indeed, in its presumption of being legitimized by “ethical” principles to impose on citizens what represents an incontestable superior “good,” the State also obliges dissenters to perform the basic acts of “globalist morality,” punishing them if they do not conform to its precepts.

Eating insects and not meat; injecting drugs instead of practicing a healthy life; using electricity instead of gasoline; renouncing private property and freedom of movement; enduring controls and limitations of fundamental rights; accepting the worst moral and sexual deviations in the name of freedom; renouncing the family to live isolated, without inheriting anything from the past and without transmitting anything to posterity; erasing one’s identity in the name of political correctness; denying the Christian faith to embrace woke superstition; conditioning one’s work and one’s subsistence to respect absurd rules — all these are elements destined to become part of the daily life of the individual, a life based on an ideological model that, on closer inspection, no one wants and no one has asked for, and that justifies its existence only with the bogeyman of an unproven and unprovable ecological apocalypse. This violates not only the much-vaunted freedom of religion on which this society is founded, but wants to lead us step by step, inexorably, to the point of making this cult exclusive, the only one allowed.

The “church of environmentalism” defines itself as inclusive but does not tolerate dissent [see here — CFN ed.], and it does not accept dialectically engaging with those who question its dictates. Those who do not accept the anti-Gospel of Davos are ipso facto heretics and must therefore be punished, excommunicated, separated from the social body, and considered public enemies; they must be re-educated by force, both through an incessant hammering of the media and also through the imposition of a social stigma and truly extortive forms of consent, starting with the “informed” consent of submitting against their will to the vaccination obligation and continuing in the madness of the so-called “city of 15 minutes,” which is anticipated moreover in detail in the programmatic points of the 2030 Agenda (which are ultimately dogmatic canons to the contrary).

The problem with this disturbing phenomenon of mass superstition is that this state religion has not been imposed de facto only in the United States of America, but it has also spread to all the nations of the Western world, whose leaders were converted to the globalist “Word” by the great apostle of the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, its self-proclaimed “pope” who is therefore invested with an infallible and incontestable authority. And as in the Annuario Pontificio we can read the list of Cardinals, Bishops and Prelates of the Roman Curia and Dioceses spread throughout the world, so on the website of the World Economic Forum we find the list of “prelates” of globalism, from Justin Trudeau to Emmanuel Macron, discovering that not only the Presidents and Prime Ministers of many States belong to this “church,” but also numerous officials, heads of international bodies and major multinational corporations, and members of the media. To these must also be added the “preachers” and “missionaries” who work for the spread of the globalist faith: actors, singers, influencers, sportsmen, intellectuals, doctors, teachers. A very powerful, highly organized network, widespread not only at the top of institutions, but also in universities and courts, in companies and hospitals, in peripheral bodies and local municipalities, in cultural and sports associations, so that it is impossible to escape indoctrination even in a provincial primary school or in a small rural community.

It is disconcerting — you must admit — that in the number of converts to the universal religion we can also count exponents of the world religions, and among them even Jorge Mario Bergoglio — whom Catholics also consider head of the Church of Rome — with all the cowardliness of ecclesiastics faithful to him. The apostasy of the Catholic hierarchy has reached the point of worshiping the idol of the Pachamama, the “mother Earth,” demonic personification of ecumenical, inclusive, and sustainable “Amazonian” globalism. But was it not John Podesta himself who advocated the advent of a “springtime of the Church” that would replace its doctrine with a vague environmentalist sentimentality [see here — CFN ed.], finding prompt execution of his hopes in the coordinated action that led to the resignation of Benedict XVI and the election of Bergoglio?

What we are witnessing is nothing more than the reverse application of the process that led to the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire and then throughout the world, a sort of revenge of barbarism and paganism on the Faith of Christ. What Julian the Apostate tried to do in the fourth century, that is, to restore the cult of pagan gods, today is pursued zealously by new apostates, all united by a “sacred fury” that makes them as dangerous as they are convinced of being able to succeed in their intentions because of the endless means at their disposal.

In reality, this religion is nothing more than a modern incarnation of the cult of Lucifer: the recent Satanic performance at the Grammy Awards sponsored by Pfizer is only the latest confirmation of an adherence to an infernal world that until now had been silenced because it was still considered unmentionable. It is no mystery that the ideologues of globalist thought are all indistinctly anti-Christian and anticlerical, significantly hostile to Christian morality, ostentatiously opposed to the civilization and culture that the Gospel has shaped in two-thousand years of history. Not only that: the inextinguishable hatred towards life and towards all that is the work of the Creator — from man to nature — reveals the attempt (almost successful, albeit delirious) to tamper with the order of Creation, to modify plants and animals, to change the very human DNA through bioengineering interventions, to deprive man of his individuality and his free will, making him controllable and even maneuverable through transhumanism. At the bottom of all this, there is the hatred of God and envy for the supernatural fate that He has reserved for men by redeeming them from sin with the Sacrifice of the Cross of His Son.

This Satanic hatred is expressed in the determination to make it impossible for Christians to practice their religion, to see its principles respected, to be able to make their contribution in society and, ultimately, in the will to induce them to do evil, or at least to ensure that they cannot do good, much less spread it; and if they do, to distort their original motivations (love of God and neighbor) by perverting them with pitiful philanthropic or environmentalist purposes.

All the precepts of the globalist religion are a counterfeit version of the Ten Commandments, their grotesque inversion, an obscene reversal. In practice, they use the same means that the Church has used for evangelization, but with the aim of damning souls and subjecting them not to the Law of God, but to the tyranny of the devil, under the inquisitorial control of the antichurch of Satan. In this perspective, the American secret services are also reporting on groups of traditional Catholic faithful [see here — CFN ed.], confirming that the enmity between the seed of the Woman and that of the serpent (Gen 3:15) is a theological reality in which the enemies of God believe above all, and that one of the signs of the end times is precisely the abolition of the Holy Sacrifice and the presence of the abomination of desolation in the temple (Dn 9:27). The attempts to suppress or limit the traditional Mass unite deep church and deep state, revealing the essentially Luciferian matrix of both: because both know very well what are the infinite graces that pour out on the Church and on the world through that Mass, and they want to prevent those graces from being given so that they do not hinder their plans. They show it to us themselves: our battle is not only against creatures of flesh and blood (Eph 6:12).

Tucker Carlson’s observation highlights the deception to which we are subjected daily by our rulers: the theoretical imposition of the secularism of the State has served to eliminate the presence of the true God from the institutions, while the practical  imposition of the globalist religion serves to introduce Satan into the institutions, with the aim of establishing that dystopian New World Order in which the Antichrist will claim to be worshiped as a god, in his mad delirium to replace Our Lord.

The warnings of the Book of Revelation take on ever greater concreteness, the more the plan proceeds to subject all men to a control that prevents any possibility of disobedience and resistance: only now do we understand what it means not to be able to buy or sell without the green pass, which is nothing if not the technological version of the mark with the number of the Beast (Rev 13:17).

But if not everyone is yet ready to recognize the error of having abandoned Christ in the name of a corrupt and deceptive freedom that has hidden unspeakable intentions, I believe that today many are ready — psychologically, even before rationally — to take note of the coup d’état with which a lobby of dangerous fanatics is managing to take power in the United States and in the world, determined to make any move, even the most reckless, in order to maintain it.

Through a twist of Providence, the secularism of the State — which in itself offends God because it denies Him the public worship to which He is sovereign — could be the argument with which to put an end to the subversive project of the Great Reset. If Americans — and with them the peoples of the whole world — can rebel against this forced conversion, demanding that citizens’ representatives in positions of government be accountable to the holders of national sovereignty and not to the leaders of the globalist Sanhedrin, it will perhaps be possible to put a stop to this race towards the abyss. But to do so requires the awareness that this will be only a first phase in the process of liberation from this infernal lobby, which must be followed by the reappropriation of those moral principles proper to Christianity that constitute the foundations of Western civilization and the most effective defense against the barbarism of neopaganism.

For too long citizens and faithful have passively suffered the decisions of their political and religious leaders in the face of the evidence of their betrayal. Respect for authority is based on the recognition of a “theological” fact, that is, of the Lordship of Jesus Christ over individuals, nations, and the Church. If those in authority in the State and Church act against the citizens and the faithful, their power is usurped and their authority null and void. Let us not forget that rulers are not the owners of the State and the masters of the citizens, just as the Pope and the Bishops are not the owners of the Church and the masters of the faithful. If they do not want to be like fathers to us; if they do not want our good and indeed do everything to corrupt us in body and spirit, it is time to drive them out of their positions and call them to account for their betrayal, their crimes, and their scandalous lies.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

February 16, 2023

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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano