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INTERVIEW: Matt Gaspers on The Catholic Current — Synod on Synodality, Implementation of Traditionis Custodes

Yesterday, CFN managing editor Matt Gaspers was interviewed on The Catholic Current, a radio program produced by The Station of the Cross (see below for full audio).

Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J., host of the show, and Mr. Gaspers discussed the Synod on Synodality (specifically, Mr. Gaspers’ recent article on the subject) and the role of the sensus fidei (“sense of faith”) of the faithful in the synodal process, as well as the implementation of Traditionis Custodes and push-back from the faithful (particularly in the Archdiocese of Chicago), plus the courageous statement issued by Fr. James Mawdsley.

They end on a positive note by observing that, despite increasing persecution, Traditional Latin Mass communities continue to grow and thrive with more and more young people (including young families) being attracted to the riches of Tradition.

The full interview is also available here.

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