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Archbishop Viganò Endorses Dr. Paul Casey’s Article for Catholic Family News

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò graciously arranged for the translation of Dr. Paul Casey’s groundbreaking article The Everything was Tested on HEK Lie into Italian. His Grace also provided a recommendation that introduced the Italian translation when it was published in Europe. Below is an English translation of the Archbishop’s recommendation. Brian M. McCall

An Important Scientific Contribution by Dr. Paul Casey on the Issue Of Abortion Tainted Cell Lines in the Production of Drugs

Until a few months ago, anyone who dared to affirm that fetal material obtained from an abortion has been used for the production of drugs and cosmetics would certainly have been accused of conspiracy theories.  The same accusation was leveled – and is still being formulated – against those who, faced with the increasingly heavy and absurd limitations of the fundamental freedoms of citizens, raise the problem of the very serious interference of the globalist elite in the social, economic and health of nations.   The Great Reset project proudly touted by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and endorsed by the UN under the name of Agenda 2030 must be stubbornly ignored by the regime controlled media, despite all its programmatic points coming into the open before our eyes.

It is also true that there are many national and international laws that recognize an individual’s the right to refuse the administration of treatment, starting with the Nuremberg Code that today Mrs. Van der Layen would like to abolish in order to impose mass vaccination to all States of the European Union.  And it is equally true that in the United States of America there is the legal right to claim a religious exemption by use of which the faithful can refuse certain treatments, appealing to their own religious convictions.

However, these rules that protect citizens’ freedoms are disregarded with impunity by governments, in the name of an alleged health emergency that they use to attempt to legitimize every violation of fundamental rights.  Thus, in the mad management of the so-called pandemic – which, it must be remembered, caused fewer deaths than a normal seasonal flu syndrome – the public authorities resort to any argument in order to force people to undergo the inoculation of an experimental gene serum, proven to be ineffective in the prevention of contagion and in preventing the development of complications and which rather represents a serious danger to the health of individuals, due to its serious side effects, which can be even lethal.  Vaccination of children is also presented as necessary, although the trials were conducted on a small number of subjects and the trial is still ongoing.

In this sanitary delirium, which posterity will judge as one of the most abhorrent moments in the history of medicine, enslaved by the dictatorship, pretexts are obsessively sought to invalidate any reason for exemption from the vaccine.  General practitioners are subjected to tremendous pressure from the Health Authorities not to grant any exemption, even if justified by the patient’s clinical history.  The professional regulators suspend and ban those who oppose mass vaccination.  National health systems continue to administer this gene serum, hiding or minimizing adverse effects, or attributing them to other pathologies, thanks to the sponsorship of pharmaceutical companies and substantial government incentives.

But what emerges in its scandalous evidence is the enslavement of the media to the pandemic narrative, together with the use of vaccine testimonials, according to tested marketing methods.

Among the most effective testimonials we can include musical performers close to retirement, actors no longer on the crest of the wave, television hosts, influencers without any skills, self-styled experts with a very low H index who have risen to media notoriety and who exhibit a  clear conflict of interest.  Last but not least in this list of pharmaceutical company propagandists, Jorge Mario Bergoglio: thanks to his role as a salesman, the inoculation of an experimental serum produced with aborted fetuses was presented as a “moral duty” and as such accepted by millions of faithful, not without the support of Bishops and priests.

It is therefore not surprising that, in order to induce even the most determined opponent of vaccines to get vaccinated, there are those who lend their pseudoscientific collaboration to the official narrative, resorting to arguments strictly pertinent to Catholic morality.  There are many cases, and an ideological enslavement almost always emerges: it is difficult to imagine that so much zeal, otherwise unmotivated, is not the result of the generous incentives offered by BigPharma or its government emissaries.  In other cases, the pitiful attempt to demonstrate the moral legitimacy of the use of certain drugs breaks down on the evidence of a lack of competence and above all on a lack of overview.

I believe that Dr. Paul Casey’s study represents an important contribution in dispelling most of the errors in this area, showing that not all drugs are tested on HEK-293 cell lines, and that there is therefore a difference in moral assessment between them.  The evidence adduced and the mass of scientific sources highlight the basic observation of an approach that is too often superficial and almost always ideologically oriented in favor of the experimental serum, and this is certainly a topic that will be analyzed when this infernal health farce is denounced and when colossal interests of pharmaceutical companies will be brought to light once and for all.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

December 16, 2021

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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano