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Archbishop Viganò on the Italian Political Situation

Editor’s Note: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has penned an important commentary on the state of Italian politics at this moment in history. Although directed in particular to the situation in Italy, his understanding of the forces at work transcends Italy. While his beloved country faces unique aspects of the challenge, at its root the crisis encompasses all free (for now) nations. In an insightful passage, the archbishop composes a succinct yet comprehensive description of the essence of liberalism that lies at the heart of this conflict: “the essence of liberalism – which, I repeat, is the political application of the principles of Masonry – lies precisely in progressively disarming the majority of the good, and at the same time in supporting and reinforcing the minority of the corrupt, under the pretext of an alleged and absurd equality of rights.” This invisible enemy is at work dissolving our institutions and history. His rallying call to the Italian people should echo here, as well.


Super aspidem et basiliscum ambulabis,
et conculcabis leonem et draconem.

On the asp and the viper you will tread,
and trample the lion and the dragon.

Ps. 91:13

Up until the last century, free thinkers could spread their ideas, imbued with Masonic principles and rhetoric, because the social body was not liberal; they could stand outside in front of church on Sunday mornings while their wives and children went to Mass, received catechism lessons, and were instructed by the Church and the State in the moral principles and shared values of honesty, the sense of duty, and love of country. They could send millions of young lives to die in war in the name of ideals that were still tied to a world that was essentially Christian, even profoundly Catholic and Roman: the world in which our soldiers at the front recited the Rosary, prayed for their loved ones and for their beloved Italy, a land blessed by Providence, the cradle of civilization and the seat of the Papacy. But these liberal and Masonic principles, although denounced by the Popes and combated by Bishops, preachers, and theologians, succeeded in breaking through into our society, above all after the Second World War and even more so after the fateful year of 1968.

We have thus found ourselves, through the necessary and inevitable change of generations, now having an entire ruling class that was formed in the school of liberal thought, Masonic ideology, religious indifferentism, the secular nature of the State, and the consequent moral crisis of the Nation. Decades of indoctrination have cancelled out the religious and moral inheritance of Italy, leading Italians to be ashamed of Italy’s glorious past and renounce two thousand years of Christianity.

It had to be a choice of progress, without favoring the truth at the expense of error, without recognizing the primacy of good over evil, without imposing laws and doctrines with force but rather promoting the application with a conscious choice; we now find ourselves to be a corrupt Nation, which approves concubinage and abortion, promotes sodomy and perversion, recognizes the right to commit crime and derides or even condemns honesty, righteousness, and virtue. In the name of tolerance, we were asked to grant legitimacy to evil, reassuring ourselves that in any case the good would not be hindered: today the State guarantees and protects evil and has come to the point of forbidding the good. One may commit the most abominable crimes, like killing an innocent creature in the mother’s womb or the helpless elderly person and the terminally ill lying on their hospital bed, but it is prohibited to defend life, the family, and Religion.

On the other hand, the essence of liberalism – which, I repeat, is the political application of the principles of Masonry – lies precisely in progressively disarming the majority of the good, and at the same time in supporting and reinforcing the minority of the corrupt, under the pretext of an alleged and absurd equality of rights. And yet it should not be terribly difficult, if one uses a bit of reasoning, to understand that the very idea of equality is absurd, because it presupposes a flattening of all differences, a homologation of all diversity, which in fact ends with cancelling out that which vice-versa ought to make the social body – and thus logically the ecclesial body as well – efficient in all its members, diverse but harmoniously connected.

Pretending that a foot can see or that a hand can hear, or reducing the functions of the organs to the lowest common denominator, is an absurd and wicked operation, just as it would be to expect that in a car the clutch could perform the function of the wheels or that the motor could do the work of the headlights. And yet in public affairs, those who are not constituted in authority are allowed to command, it is permitted to define a union that by nature is destined to the sterility of vice as a family, and the right to decide if a law is just is attributed not to those who have the wisdom and prudence to do so, but to those who place their own particular interests ahead of the common good. We end up adoring the golden calf, refusing to give exclusive worship to the living and true God. In this democracy reveals its weakness, since it lays down as a postulate a belief in the innate goodness of the multitude, which instead is inclined to evil and sin and which needs to be guided by an authority that has transcendent values as its model.

This race towards the abyss has the very clear connotations of Nemesis,[1] the punishment of a hubris that knows no restraints, that challenges Heaven, which in the height of rebellion and chaos refuses any hierarchy and order impressed by the Creator and Lord of all things. Only in this way can we understand the nefarious decisions of the rulers, from the management of the pandemic emergency to the indiscriminate welcoming of illegal immigrants; only in this way will we succeed in seeing the folly that unites various facts that are apparently unrelated into one single design. Looking for some reasonableness in the words of the so-called expert who imposes masks to protect the population from an influenza virus, or in the order given by the authorities to close schools and restaurants while on public transportation citizens are forced to be crammed together, continues this madness, recognizing in these orders a rationality and logic it cannot have. Just as it is absurd to dispute the alleged inevitability of the loans that Italy ought to request from the European Union, after the EU, using criminal methods worthy of the worst usurers, scientifically created the social and economic premises of the economic crisis. It is just as absurd to ask why the treatments for Covid are boycotted in order to favor the so-called experimental vaccines that have been produced using aborted fetuses and whose long-term effects are still unknown, when it is obvious that the pandemic was planned with the aim of disproportionately enriching the pharmaceutical lobby on the one hand and imposing measures of control that would be otherwise unacceptable on the other.

But if this constructive and open attitude of ours could in some way be justified and excused up until a few years ago in the name of a partial comprehension of the global picture, today it risks degenerating into a sort of obtuse complicity, because the presumption of good faith on the part of our interlocutors has been amply disavowed. The recent events of the second crisis of the Conte government and the trust placed in the government of President Draghi are no exception, and if the general enthusiasm of the parties and even of the so-called opposition is not surprising, we are left disturbed by the consent of the victims to the appointment of an executioner far worse than the lawyer from Volturara Appula [the obscure village of origin of the former Italian prime minister Conte].

Indeed, it seems that the advent of the cynical technocrat was greeted with relief, after a year of thunderous proclamations and blatant failures of his predecessor and all of his grotesque array of unpresentables. If in fact there were those who up until yesterday deplored the terrible management of the pandemic by the DPCM [Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers] with measures as illegitimate as they were devastating, today the efficiency in the pursuit of the same plan seems to represent an improvement, as if the one condemned to death rejoices that the blade of the executioner’s axe has been sharpened, while willingly lowering his head onto the block to receive the blow.

The Italian people, induced to awe and servitude by the pounding of the media and an operation of mass manipulation, have been even more obedient than other apparently more disciplined Nations: while in our cities some politician recommends social distancing during timid protest demonstrations, in many European countries the citizens are spontaneously streaming into the squares and are facing the violent repression of the police with determination. While our “opposition” is scandalized by the inefficiency of Commissioner Arcuri in the distribution of the vaccines, in other countries groups of lawyers and doctors are denouncing the danger and are opposing the obligation to take the vaccine, obtaining a ban on the distribution of the vaccine from the same authorities. And if there are those who violate blatantly illegitimate rules out of exasperation, in Italy they are criticized as irresponsible by the very people who, if only for political calculation, ought to sit astride the revolt and demonstrate how absurd it is to close commercial activities in the absence of scientific evidence that legitimizes the adoption of such drastic measures.

Mario Draghi represents the quintessence of the tyranny of the New World Order, in its cynical competence, in the professionality of its devastating action, and in the efficiency of its functionaries. And it is not surprising that he was educated, like Joe Biden and many other globalist leaders, in the ideological school of the Jesuits. It is not surprising, and also it could not have been otherwise: only a structure that was strongly hierarchical and almost military could have manipulated the young consciences of entire generations, with diabolical foresight, preparing the advent of tyrannical and inhuman society. We have seen it in Italy, long before 1968, when the university professors greeted with unbridled enthusiasm the election of Roncalli, who was the friend of the modernist Buonaiuti, well aware that his apparent bonhomie concealed a mind poisoned by the doctrines fought by Saint Pius X and still opposed by Pius XII right up to his deathbed. We have seen it in the universities of half of Europe and in the American Catholic universities, from which the protagonists of Vatican II and the post-council emerged, the agitprops of the Student Movement and the left-wing unions, the terrorists of the Red Brigades and the ideologies of Liberation Theology, the theorists of sexual liberation, divorce, and abortion. We could say that in recent decades there has not been one political, social, cultural, or religious event that has not found a powerful inspiration in the Jesuits, who after renouncing their oath and the vows they pronounced on the day of their profession, have made available to their new master their network of relationships and their capacity to infiltrate their emissaries into the key posts of politics, public administration, education, culture, media, enterprise, and finance. A network that replicates, perhaps with even greater efficiency and incisiveness, the no less subversive one of the Masonic sects and the cliques of conspirators.

Giuseppe Conte, the homo novus supported in the Vatican by Prelates who are widely compromised with the worst Christian-Democrat and Catholic-Communist politics, performed his function as inconsistent puppet with ambitions as ridiculous as they were unrealistic: his parabola permitted the pursuit of a project of social engineering that included precisely a sine nomine lawyer as an ignorant executor of the orders of the globalist puppeteer, who precisely by leveraging Conte’s vanity was able to use him to impose devastating decisions on the population, without any ratification of Parliament and even less the will of the voters. But his clearly temporary role, almost like an extra, had to be exhausted in the moment in which, since his inconsistency and inexperience had become evident on all fronts, there became necessary that “change of pace” which already last summer some rare observer of Italian politics foresaw would be realized with the advent of Mario Draghi – the former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International, the former Governor of Bank of Italy, the former Governor of the European Central Bank – exponent of the financial lobby, and the natural heir of Mario Monti.

We could see an instructive parallel to this situation in the speculating role that the Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio was assigned by the so-called Saint Gallen Mafia: the Argentine too, who was almost unknown until then, was elected Pope in order to demolish the last vestiges of the Catholic Church; and like Conte, Bergoglio too believes that he is the author of a radical and irreversible change, thinking of passing into history while those who maneuver him have already designated who is going to take his place. Also in this case, the individual’s vanity, egocentrism, and even delusion of omnipotence prevents him from understanding that he is being used and that the support he enjoys today will be transformed into ruthless cynicism as soon as his disasters are skillfully emphasized by the media. Both the one and the other have a similar destiny, nor will Joe Biden be an exception, whose Vice President Kamala Harris awaits with impatience the moment when the script calls for the ousting of the corrupt Democrat under the pretext of his mental and physical health.

It is therefore extremely important, and equally unavoidable, that those who have at heart the fate of their beloved homeland understand that President Draghi will in no way deviate from the globalist agenda, except for the greater efficiency with which he will implement it. Nurturing the hope that the technocrat to whom the devastation of Greece is due will be able to somehow fail in his task is naive, just as every form of collaboration of support for this government can only lead inexorably to the further loss of national sovereignty and complete subservience to the New World Order. Let us not forget that the Prime Minister’s cabinet includes individuals like Vittorio Colao and Roberto Cingolani, for whom the Great Reset is now in an advanced stage of completion, with or without the consent of the voters. Those who govern today, in Italy as in the United States, do not consider it the least bit relevant that their own power is usurped with palace maneuvers or electoral frauds, nor that the totem of democracy, thanks to which they have been able to deceive the masses, has been replaced by a cruel dictatorship, with or without the alibi of the pandemic emergency. We know well that it was all planned for years, and that in order to fully implement the globalist project the élite will not hesitate to violate fundamental rights, with the pretext of doing so “for our good.” But we know also that the closer we get to the end of time, the more Providence multiplies graces for the pusillus grex that remains faithful to the Lord.

If we are able to understand that what is happening in Italy is part of a single script under a single direction, we will succeed in grasping the coherence between facts that are apparently heterogeneous, and above all we will understand that the motivations that are adopted in order to legitimize measures in violation of the natural freedoms of individuals are nothing other than pretexts, as false as they are rationally incongruent. And since everything is based on a colossal lie, it will be enough for only one of the deceptions to collapse to make the entire globalist Tower of Babel collapse, its hierarchs, its priests, its courtiers, its servants. Cadent a latere tuo mille, et decem millia a dextris tuis; ad te autem non appropinquabit: Psalm 91 reminds us of the protection of the Most High and the punishment that awaits sinners; it urges us to place our trust in God, Who will send His angels to protect us along our way.

Let us not allow ourselves to be seduced by the apparent inevitability of evil: Satan is the eternal defeated one, whether he seeks to destroy the Church of Christ – an unshakeable rock, in the Savior’s own words – or rages against what remains of the human consortium. And if there really is to be a Great Reset of our society, it will be accomplished only with repentance for the public sins of nations, with a new Renaissance of Christianity, with a return to the Law of God. Fiat voluntas Tua, we recite in the Our Father: may this be our agenda, following the example of the Most Holy Virgin, Our Lady and Queen, who first trampled the asp and the dragon and crushed the head of the lion and the dragon.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

3 March 2021

Official translation

[1] The Greek goddess Nemesis was the goddess of divine retribution and revenge, who would show her wrath to any human being that would commit hubris, arrogance before the gods.

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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano