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Weekly News Roundup: New Viganò Letter to Trump, ACB Sworn In to SCOTUS, Biden Crimes Exposed

In this episode, CFN’s editors report on:

  • BREAKING NEWS that Archbishop Viganò has published (via CFN and other outlets) another Open Letter to President Trump. As part of their reporting, the editors explain the Great Reset planned by the World Economic Forum and mentioned in the Open Letter, which was published early this morning (7am Rome time; 2am Eastern).

In addition to this big story, the editors also discuss:

  • Another Islamic Rampage in France
  • Culture War on College Campuses: Two Cases in Point
  • Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In as Associate Justice of SCOTUS; New Role of Justice Clarence Thomas
  • Biden Crime Family Exposed

In this episode, Editor-in-Chief Brian McCall makes a “Pascal’s Wager” on the election.

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