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Weekly News Roundup: Bill Gates on Coronavirus, Cardinal Burke’s Holy Week Message, New Commission on Female Diaconate

In this episode, CFN Editor-in-Chief Brian McCall and Managing Editor Matt Gaspers discuss the following news items:

  • Gates Foundation Vaccine and Globalism to the Rescue?
    • According to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, a vaccine must be produced and received by everyone on the planet in order for us not to fear “large public gatherings” due to COVID-19.
    • The billionaire philanthropist, who is often portrayed as an expert on epidemiology despite having no medical credentials, recently told CBS This Morning that his foundation is intimately involved with efforts to produce a vaccine.
    • In addition to vaccination, which he considers essential (and perhaps even non-negotiable for individuals), Gates also clearly favors a globalist approach to dealing with epidemics — even praising Communist China’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis during his CBS This Morning interview.
  • COVID-19 Price Gouging and Catholic Social Teaching
    • As reported by Bloomberg and Forbes, the price of face masks has been raised dramatically by various distributors.
    • When Catholic Social Teaching is disregarded, this sort of immoral business practice is one of the sad results.
  • Cardinal Burke’s “Message for the Holiest Week of the Year”
    • On Palm Sunday, Cardinal Raymond Burke released a new message exhorting all Catholics to devoutly observe “these holiest of days” despite present difficulties related to the coronavirus.
    • “I urge you, therefore, not to give way to the lie of Satan who would convince you that, this year, you have nothing to celebrate during Holy Week. No, you have everything to celebrate, for Christ has gone before us in every suffering and now accompanies us in our sufferings, so that we remain strong in His love, the love which conquers every evil.”
  • Pope Establishes New Commission to Study Female Diaconate
    • Despite the assurances of various “conservative” Catholic commentators following the release of Querida Amazonia (QA), Pope Francis has shown himself willing to revisit the possibility of a female diaconate by establishing a new commission for that purpose.
    • CFN Editor-in-Chief Brian McCall warned about the problematic language found in para. 103 of QA in his in-depth analysis of the document back in February.
  • Cardinal Pell Vindicated by Australian High Court
    • After spending over a year in prison, Cardinal George Pell, the former archbishop of Sydney, Australia (2001-2014), has been acquitted and released following what the Australian High Court decided was a wrongful conviction in February 2019.

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