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CFN News Roundup: Effects of Coronavirus on Body of Christ (Church) and Body Politic (State)

In this episode, CFN Editor-in-Chief Brian McCall and Managing Editor Matt Gaspers discuss the following news items:

  • Coronavirus: All Public Masses Suspended, Churches Closed throughout Italy
    • There have been several significant developments this week as a result of the coronavirus or COVID-19 — particularly in Italy, the nation with the second-highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.
    • Between Sunday (Mar. 8) and today (Mar. 13), both Vatican City and the Diocese of Rome implemented several health-related measures in accord with national Italian government policy, including the suspension of all public Masses and even the closure of all churches until April 3 (note: the decision regarding church closures has been partially reconsidered).
    • Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has expressed strong disapproval: “I totally disagree with the measures taken by the Church in Italy.”
    • Ultimately, the current coronavirus outbreak is an opportunity to reflect more deeply on the Four Last Things.
  • Making COVID-19 a “Political Pathogen”
    • Longtime CFN contributor and friend Christopher Ferrara, in a recent article for The Remnant, exposes several dishonest tactics of what he calls the “Democrat-Media Complex (DMC)”, including their use of COVID-19 as “a political pathogen” to sabotage U.S. President Donald Trump’s bid for re-election in November.
    • Similarly, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) — a politician who pretends to be a “faithful Catholic” while notoriously supporting a host of intrinsic evils (e.g., abortion, sodomy) — actually tried to sneak taxpayer funding of abortion into economic stimulus legislation designed to relieve hardships due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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