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The Gathering Storm: NBC and the New War on Christianity

Throughout the 20th century, the “Big Three” American television networks – NBC, ABC, and CBS – kept the people of America mesmerized throughout the most critical events in American history. A phalanx of avuncular Anglo-Saxon (or Anglo-Saxon presenting) figures such as Edward R. Murrow, Mike Wallace, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, and Walter Cronkite (known as “America’s most trusted man”) crafted and transmitted the narrative of the post-World War II world to Americans with WASP-ish seriousness and aplomb.

These networks prided themselves as being neutral, if not conservative, voices of America. While the raucous MTV, the left-leaning PBS, and what became a legion of rival specialty cable networks presented a slanted view of the news, the “Big Three” served as a supposed rock of sober analysis and commentary that reflected America’s level-headed, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon character.

However, with the explosion of the alternative media on the internet and the subsequent ability for information to be disseminated virally through social media, the granite authority of the Big Three has largely eroded—especially among younger generations. Many of the notable events of the 20th century, such as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War have been reexamined, and largely unknown activities and events such as the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the Holodomor, and the CIA’s MK Ultra program, have become widely known even among those not drawn to the wild world of internet conspiracy.

It would be an understatement to say that the establishment media is upset about the proliferation and popularity of their rivals. Consequently, this past summer the establishment struck back, setting their sights on Alex Jones’ Info Wars, a once obscure and quirky radio program that has become a tremendously influential alternative media empire in recent years.

Jones’ ability to reach millions via social media shares was crippled as he was removed from Facebook, iTunes, and a host of other platforms. While Jones was noted for saying impolite, controversial, and even downright crazy things, he was blacked out primarily because he was having a profound effect on the minds and hearts of people around the world—some even credit Info Wars with helping to get President Donald Trump elected.

Having successfully de-platformed many in the “conspiracy movement,” the establishment media have now moved on to attack independent Catholic media outlets.

NBC News’ website recently ran a piece attacking the so-called “Catholic alt-right,” which according to the article’s author, Corky Siemaszko, is represented by the menacing reactionary triumvirate of Church Militant, LifeSiteNews, and the Lepanto Institute. The NBC piece is, to quote the poet, “a real piece of work” that reveals how far Western society has degenerated and, perhaps more importantly, the battle plan for the next stage of the war on Christianity.

The first key element of Siemaszko’s piece is to create the impression that sodomy, aka the “gay” lifestyle, is as normal as brushing one’s teeth. Pasted above the article is a photo of an “LGBT choir,” as the caption says, “protest[ing] outside the world meeting of families in Dublin on Aug. 23, 2018.” Alongside the mostly female group is a man dressed in what looks to be a modified 18th-century military uniform decorated with a rainbow flag.

The atmosphere of the photo is one of happy, quirky bonhomie. These are normal people, the picture suggests. They may have one too many cats, but they are just like you and me, trying to make ends meet and relaxing in the evening with a glass of wine, an Ativan, and 6-8 hours of immorality on Netflix.

Unfortunately, the article reads, there are some cruel and heartless people in Catholic media who want to keep these smiling, harmless women (and one man dressed like the Duke of Wellington holding a box of Lucky Charms) out of the Catholic Church.

In contrast to these smiling LGBT Care Bears, Siemaszko depicts conservative Catholic media as conspiracy-minded lunatics.

Siemaszko begins his piece by mocking a mass email sent out by Renew America’s Randy Engel, author of the definitive multi-volume work on the Catholic clerical sex abuse scandal, The Rite of Sodomy. Siemaszko mocks Engel’s description of the systematic and ritual abuse of children by homosexual and pederast priests as the “Forces of Organized Perversion.”

The idea that the systematic sexual abuse of young adult males and children is perverse seems to be a bridge too far for Mr. Siemaszko, who further mockingly quotes Engel, “Have you had enough? Or will you wait until the Homosexual Collective’s hobnail boot is pressed on the neck of your prone body or that of your child or grandchild before reacting?” Apparently, Siemaszko believes that anyone who thinks that children have been deliberately targeted by the homosexual movement (e.g. NAMBLA) is completely insane.

Perhaps he thinks that his readers have an attention span shorter than a humming bird and forget that in the 21st century, Christians are bullied into servicing “gay weddings,” children are fed LGBT propaganda in schools, and there is an alarming trend of young people “transitioning” into the opposite gender, a process that involves genital mutilation and castration and a life-long cocktail of drugs, leaving the poor child a bizarre Frankenstein prone to mental illness, drug abuse, and suicide.

Despite these facts, Siemaszko’s main point is that sexual perversion is the new normal; and consequently, that those who oppose sodomy, pedophilia, transgenderism, and bestiality are the new weirdos and truly marginalized people who have no place in a liberated society in which every sexual perversion is to be indulged.

Engel is a prime example of the new outcasts. According to Siemaszko, she is just one of many in “ultra conservative Catholic groups” and “anti-gay activists” who have been “ratcheting up the rhetoric” and “disrupting gatherings of LGBTQ Catholics and their supporters.”

The strong rhetoric and protests seem to be having an effect, for Siemaszko has brought out the left’s nuclear weapon: name-calling. Quoting “Fordham University theologian Jason Steidl,” Siemaszko describes Engel, Church Militant, LifeSite, and the Lepanto Institute as members of the “Catholic alt-right.” The use of this term should give us pause, for it is one of the most pregnant and vicious titles that a leftist could use.

The term “Alt Right” was originally coined by Professor Paul Gottfried of Elizabethtown College to describe any conservative movement outside of the establishment or mainstream conservativism, which, since the 1980s, has been dominated by neoconservatives.

However, the term most famously has been adopted by Richard Bertrand Spencer to describe his neopagan ethnonationalist movement. While those who follow in Spencer’s wake have a variety of complex and divergent views, because of the affinity between Spencer’s ideas and those of German National Socialism, the term “Alt Right” has largely replaced “Nazi” in leftist descriptions of those whom leftists don’t like.

However, there is a lot more going on here than simple name-calling. Since the election of Donald Trump, members of the so-called “Alt Right” have been de-platformed from not only social media but from payment services, as well. Furthermore, their personal information has been leaked online, and they and their family members have been subjected to threats and harassment. There are even some members of the Alt Right who have lost their jobs and some have been pressured into committing suicide.

Moreover, thanks to the money bags of George Soros, the Alt Right has been attacked by a violent terrorist organization known as Antifa, which is populated by drug addicts, sex offenders, racists, and even the son of Virginia governor Tim Kaine.

After street brawls between Antifa and the Alt Right result in arrests on both sides, Antifa operatives are let off the hook by left-wing judges while right-wing street fighters are given harsh prison sentences.

This is not to sympathize with the Alt Right. Your humble author has repeatedly demonstrated the differences between the pagan Alt Right and traditional Catholicism in a variety of publications. Unfortunately, however, by using the label “Alt Right” NBC has, in effect, targeted Catholic news media for de-platforming and censure and targeted conservative Catholics for terrorist violence from Antifa-type radicals.

First, “hate speech” will be used as the pretext to shut down larger sites like LifeSite and Church Militant, but soon other traditional Catholic sites will be targeted. This initial crackdown will merely be the first step to a larger and more aggressive attempt to dissolve not only Catholic media but Catholic political action.

As this process unfolds, not only will most US bishops not defend their flocks, many will no doubt side with the Church’s enemies and actively persecute the lambs placed in their care, similar to Pope Francis’ recent betrayal of faithful Chinese Catholics into the hands of the Communist state “church.”

What, then, is to be done? Perhaps we can look to a historical example from the not too distance past.

On March 28, 1939, Spanish forces under the command of General Francisco Franco liberated the city of Madrid from Republican and Communist forced backed with support from the Soviet Union. Four days later, on April 1, the liberal forces surrendered to Franco after having fought for three years of fierce civil war during which thousands of Catholic priests, nuns, and bishops were brutally tortured and murdered by the ideological ancestors of Antifa.

When confronted with the left, Franco didn’t back down, he didn’t compromise, he didn’t negotiate, he wasn’t civil. He fought to defend his people and the Holy Catholic Church.

As she called General Franco to protect her from the forces of degeneracy and Marxism in Spain, the Church is now calling her children to direct political action against the forces of Cultural Marxism which seek to bully and intimidate Catholics who defend the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Deus vult!



Jesse Russell, Ph.D. has published on literary theory, religion, semiotics, and politics in a variety of academic and popular journals.