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China Update: the Communist Regime is tearing Crosses from the Churches

China: Crosses are again being uprooted and erased from the domes and tympanums of Churches; in Xinjiang, Manas e Hutubi, to be precise, every Christian sign and symbol is being wiped out, even the Crosses and the Stations of the Cross inside are being removed. 

The Chinese Communist regime continues to be heavy handed, paying no attention whatsoever to the Ostpolitik shown by the Vatican, foregoing a “diplomatic” prudence in this phase, as well. These severe measures, in fact, have been taken (only) a few weeks after the meeting between the Chinese and Vatican delegations with the dreaded “deal” on the horizon.

According to the dictatorship in power, the Cross represents “an external religious infiltration,” as the AsiaNews agency reports. It is even forbidden to pray in private homes, considered “illegal worship places,” this carries the penalty of immediate arrest and transfer to reeducation camps. It is possibly to carry out worship activities, only for adults and only in church, on Sundays and within the hours provided by the government.  

Insiders says that the generalized religious rebirth in China would unfortunately foresee intensified repression, greater supervision, and more persecutions in the future. 

Originally posted in Italian on March 5, 2018, by Corrispondenza Romana

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