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Counsels to Confessors: An Invaluable Book

Saint Leonard of Port Maurice can well be called one of “the Apostles of the 18th century.” A Franciscan missionary and one of the greatest preachers in Church history, he was also a prolific spiritual author. His collected works – amounting to 13 volumes – were published in Rome, in 1853.

Sadly, Counsels to Confessors remains virtually unknown, even among priests! Although written in the 1700’s, the 80-page book is just as timely in 2018, and needed now more than ever! Because of this precious book’s great helpfulness for the salvation of souls, Catholic Family News is offering a FREE copy to priests directly requesting it. (Fathers: Please submit your request via our contact form.)

Confessors, moral theologians, and pastors will find it especially helpful, even vital, in the Divine Tribunal of the confessional. Lay people would also do well to purchase this invaluable work

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