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Fr. Isaac Mary’s Remedies for Impurity

In this day and age, we are continually bombarded by impurity. Movies, television, billboard ads, music, the push for impurity is literally everywhere. Our Lady of Fatima said:

“More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”

It is so important that we fight against this tide of impurity in our culture, and most importantly, in ourselves. How can we fight? Fulfill *each* of these remedies for impurity, recommended by traditional Franciscan mission preacher, Father Isaac Mary Relyea, and you will be guaranteed victory, with the help of Almighty God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

1) Receive Holy Communion every day – only if you are in the state of grace.

2) Practice devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary by:

  a) Consecrating yourself to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  b) Praying the Rosary daily for purity.

  c) Saying three Hail Mary’s daily, on your knees and with your hands under your knees, for purity. 

  d) Wearing the Brown Scapular. 

  e) Calling on Our Lady immediately when tempted, St. Alphonsus says that it is an infallible sign you will not fall.

  f) Praying that the Blessed Virgin Mary will grant you the efficacious grace of having a deep hatred for sins of impurity, and that you would rather die in the state of grace than ever commit a mortal sin.

3) Pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary to find a steady, faithful confessor who can help, and go to him every week.

4) Meditate on one of the Four Last Things every day: Death, Judgement, Heaven and hell.

5) Practice the presence of God at all times. He knows every thought and deed you do, and can strike you dead in your sins.

6) Avoid all occasions of sin. Avoiding everything that cuts us off from God’s friendship: television, internet pornography, bad company, etc. 

7) Exercise temperance in food and drink. Practice interior and exterior penance.

8) Dress modestly. 

9) Avoid idleness. 

10) Practice custody of the eyes. 

No one falls who practices all of the above! You must do all of the above, the only exception being #1, if you are not in the state of grace.

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