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Faithful to True Doctrine: Pro-life Leaders Pledge Fidelity to Catholic Teaching, Won’t Follow Erring Pastors

“If there is any conflict between the words and actions of any member of the hierarchy, even the Pope, and the Doctrine that the Church has always taught we will remain faithful to the perennial teaching of the Church,” says a “Pledge of Fidelity” released by pro-life and pro-family leaders around the world today.

Leaders whose organizations represent millions of Catholics, published the Pledge of Fidelity to the Authentic Teaching of the Church on the website

The pledge expresses the position of pro-life leaders at this time, when their work is being harmed and hampered by statements and actions from certain Church leaders – Pope Francis included – that contradict Catholic teaching. By doing so, the signatories seek to fulfill their responsibilities to those whom they have pledged to protect, in particular unborn children and those made especially vulnerable by the breakdown of the family.

The pro-life leaders highlight numerous statements and actions which have had a particularly damaging impact on their work for the protection of unborn children and the family in recent years. Issues included in the list of damaging statements under protest include contraception, homosexuality, divorce, sex-education and more.

The pledge lists in abbreviated form, various principles of traditional Catholic teaching on issues on life, marriage and family which the leaders vow never to abandon.

See the pledge and the signatories here:

Professor Roberto de Mattei

Professor Roberto de Mattei

Roberto de Mattei is a well-known Italian historian, professor, and author. President of the Fondazione Lepanto (“Lepanto Foundation”) in Rome, he also directs Radici Cristiane (“Christian Roots”) magazine and Corrispondenza Romana (“Roman Correspondence”) news agency. Professor de Mattei is also one of the organizers of the Italian March for Life.