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De Mattei: Nice- The war of religion continues

Pope Francis was right when he said more than a year ago that “a third world war was already in progress”, fought “bit by bit”, but it’s necessary to add that it’s a war of religion, given that the motives are religious by those who have declared it, and even the homicides perpetrated in its name are ritualistic.

Francis called the Nice massacre an act of “blind violence” but the homicidal fury that pushed the driver of a truck to disseminate death along the Nice promenade isn’t an act of irrational madness: it is born of a religion which incites hate and instigates violence. The same religious motives caused the massacres at the Bataclan in Paris, at the airport in Brussels and Istanbul and in the restaurant in Dacca. All of these acts, however barbarous, are not “blind” but are part of a plan lucidly exposed by ISIS in its documents.

Abu al Adnani, spokesman for ISIS, in an audio diffused at the end of May on Twitter, urged killing in the name of Allah with these words “smash their heads with stones, butcher them with knives, run them over with cars, throw them from high places, suffocate or poison them.” The Koran does not say any differently with regard to the infidels. By continuing to ignore this, it is indeed, a sign of blind madness.

We deceive ourselves that the war in progress is not war declared by Islam on the West, but a war that is being fought internally in the Muslim world and the only way to save ourselves is to help moderate Islam to defeat fundamentalist Islam. Except that, moderate Islam is a contradiction, in so far as Muslims become secularized or integrate themselves into modern society, they cease to be Muslims, or become non-practicing Muslims or bad Muslims. A real Muslim can renounce violence for opportune motives, but always considers it legitimate against the infidel, as this is what Mohamed teaches.

The war in progress is a war against the West, but also a war against Christianity, since Islam wants to replace Christ’s religion with that of Mohamed. For this the final objective is not Paris or New York, but the city of Rome, centre of the only religion that Islam, since its very beginning, has wanted to wipe out. The war on Rome goes back to Islam’s birth in the eighth century. The Arabs had Rome as their objective in 830 and 846 AD, when they occupied, sacked and were eventually constrained to abandon the Eternal City. They had Rome as their target the Muslims that decapitated 800 Christians in Otranto in 1480 and those who butchered our fellow-countrymen and women in Dacca in 2016. 

It’s is a religious war Isis has declared against the irreligion of the West and against its religion, which is Christianity. In so far as Christianity is secularized, it smoothes the way for its adversary, which can only be overcome by a society with a strong religious and cultural identity. As the English historian Christopher Dawson notes, it is the religious impetus that supplies the strength of cohesion to a society and its culture:

“The great civilizations do not express from within the great religions as a species of cultural by-product; the great religions are the base upon which the great civilizations rest. A society that has lost its religion is destined sooner or later to lose its culture.”

This religious war is now a European civil war given that it is being fought inside the nations and cities of a continent invaded by millions of immigrants. We hear repeatedly that faced with this invasion we must build bridges rather than erect walls, but a fortress attacked is defended only by raising the drawbridge and not lowering it.

Someone is beginning to understand this. The French government has foreseen the outburst of a civil war destined to take place primarily inside the great urban centres, where multiculturalism has imposed the impossible cohabitation of diverse ethnic and religious groups. On June 1st 2016, a communiqué from the High Command officially announced the creation of a conventional force of the army. “A Control Command for the National Territory” (COM TN), destined to combat the jihad on French territory. The new strategic model, baptized “Au contact”, includes two divisions, under one command, for a total of 77,000 men destined to confront the threat of an Islamic insurrection.

Against this threat, physical arms which are used in every conflict to destroy the enemy are necessary, but most of all we need cultural and moral arms, which consist in the awareness of being heirs of a great Civilization, which precisely in its combating Islam, has defined its identity throughout the course of the centuries. 

Respectfully and urgently, we ask Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ, to be the voice of our history and our Christian tradition against the danger which threatens us.

Originally translated and posted by Rorate Caeli

Professor Roberto de Mattei

Professor Roberto de Mattei

Roberto de Mattei is a well-known Italian historian, professor, and author. President of the Fondazione Lepanto (“Lepanto Foundation”) in Rome, he also directs Radici Cristiane (“Christian Roots”) magazine and Corrispondenza Romana (“Roman Correspondence”) news agency. Professor de Mattei is also one of the organizers of the Italian March for Life.