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Our Lady of Good Success to “Join us” at 2016 CFN Conference

We have just confirmed that a friend of CFN will bring to the conference a full size replica of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success (see photo). 

This is an exact copy of the statue of Our Lady in the Conceptionist Convent in Quito Ecuador that Our Blessed Mother commanded Mother Marina de Jesus Torres to have made in 1599. 

I will cover in my CFN conference talk a number of key points about Our Lady of Good Success, including her startling predictions for the 20th Century and the great crisis of Faith of our time. 

If you have not registered, please contact us right away as we have to secure rooms and meal planning with the hotel as soon as possible. 

See all conference details below.

Hope to see you in Deerfield this June for our “Prophecy, Miracles and Aids to the Faith” conference. – John Vennari

Conference location:
Hotel: Hyatt Regency Deerfield
Address: 1750 Lake Cook Rd,
Deerfield, IL 60015

See details below

CFN Conference Fast Approaching
“Prophecy, Miracles and Aids to the Faith”

Weekend of June 10-12, 2016 in Deerfield IL

We are fasting approaching our CFN Conference “Prophecy, Miracles and Aids to the Faith,” to be held the weekend of June 10-12 in Deerfield IL.

Please sign up right away so as not to miss what promises to be a magnificent event.

Our Lord created us as creatures of intellect and will, and he deals with us accordingly. When Our Lord walked this earth, He did not simply teach us truths that we are bound to accept for salvation, but gave us reasons to believe – otherwise known as motives of credibility. He fulfilled the prophecies concerning the who, what, when and where of the Messiah, and He worked miracles to prove that He was God – for a genuine miracle is something only God can do.

Throughout the history of the Church, Our Lord has favored us with prophecies that both confirm the realty of the Faith and announce a warning for the future. He has also supplied Miracles to confirm Our Faith, especially those of Our Blessed Mother and the Saints. 

Our weekend conference will both spotlight a number of these miraculous occurrences, along with the many considerations concerning them. We will also focus on “Aids to the Faith,” that is, points that help to build up our Faith in this time of, what Our Lady of Good Success called, “depraved desolation.”

We are happy to announce a new speaker for the conference: Mr. Matt Gaspers who has contributed articles to CFN over the past five years, and who has a feature piece in the May CFN that just went to press.

Mr. Gaspers’ lecture is titled: “Islam, Our Lady and the Promised Era of Peace”.

  Anyone who follows world news these days can see that Islamic terrorism is present and active in nearly every part of the globe. Every week, it seems, we hear reports of new acts of violence and murder against innocent men, women, and children – many of whom happen to be Christians. Are these crimes committed by “extremists” who have hijacked an otherwise peaceful religion? Or is Islam itself the real problem?

In his talk, Mr. Matt Gaspers will expose the true nature and intent of the religion founded by Mohammad. With numerous direct quotes from the Quran, as well as expert testimony provided from various sources, Mr. Gaspers will demonstrate how Islam has been intrinsically violent and perverse from its beginnings in 7th-century Arabia. He will also show how God has responded to the threat of Islam by revealing its definitive destruction to many holy souls over the past several centuries. Attendees will learn about the great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Pope who are predicted to come, as well as the Age of Mary that will bring an end to Islam, once and for all. 

In order to keep all of this self-contained, we here re-publish (along with details on Mr. Gaspers’ lecture) a description of all the talks you will hear at the conference.

Father Albert, OP, from the Traditional Dominicans in Belgium, will speak on“Why Modernists Don’t Like Miracles: The role of supernatural signs in the act of faith”

There are two fundamental reasons why miracles have become so unpopular since Vatican II: 1) The first one is ecumenism. A miracle is an irrefutable proof of the truth of the religion in whose favor it is accomplished: but if this religion is true, the others are false. There is nothing more un-ecumenical than a miracle. 2) The second, more profound reason is that miracles contradict the fundamental principle at the heart of Modernism, which was clearly enounced and denounced by St. Pius X in his encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, namely: agnostic immanentism. For Modernists God is utterly unknowable, and so religion is not an adherence to His truth but a sentiment men have about Him that wells up from within their subconscious. Miracles tear open this cozy cocoon and put us face to face with He Who Is.

Father Garrigou-Lagrange shows the true place miracles have in the act of faith using the magisterium of the Church and St. Thomas Aquinas: they are not the reason why we believe but they enable our belief to be reasonable.

Father Isaac Relyea is a popular, dynamic mission preacher who spoke at last year’s CFN conference. His topic this June is “Saint Anthony Mary Claret, Wonder Worker of the Nineteenth Century”.

Born in Spain in 1807, Saint Anthony Mary Claret founded the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart (known as Claretians). Known as a living monstrance, he wrote over 144 books, engaged in tireless missionary work, had the gift of prophecy, worked many miracles, reconciled countless souls to the Church, was outspoken against slavery, and a formidable opponent of liberalism. He became Archbishop of Santiago, Cuba and incurred the wrath of liberals, some of whom made attempts on his life. He was a Council Father at Vatican I and a defender of Papal Infallibility. This is one of Father Isaac’s favorite saints, so his lecture is bound to be informational and dynamic.

Suzanne Pearson, known for her lectures on Emperor Karl of Austria, and speaker at International Fatima Conferences organized by Father Gruner’s Fatima Center, will speak on, “Panorama of Hope:  A Survey of the ‘Happy Endings’ Seen by Saintly Visionaries Throughout Church History”

From the vision of the Transfiguration which Our Lord gave to Peter, James, and John to strengthen them before the trauma of His Crucifixion, to Our Lady’s promise of a period of peace after Russia is consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, God has repeatedly sustained the hope of His people during persecution and disillusionment by showing them the happy ending ahead of time. In this talk Miss Pearson will survey the many prophecies and visions granted by God to privileged souls throughout history which, while predicting terrible chastisements for sin, also reveal the light at the end of the tunnel.

Michael Matt, Editor of The Remnant, will speak on “The Forgotten French Apparitions: Messages from Mary, Joseph and … St. Philomena?” 

France is a country so steeped in the old Catholic Faith that since those long ago days of King Clovis, heaven itself seems to have favored it. With more heavenly visits than any other country in holy Christendom, some of the French apparition sites were nearly buried by the sands of time. Interestingly, some of the messages include predictions that at the end times these holy places of pilgrimage would be rediscovered by Christian men attempting to save their souls in a future dominated by evil. Notre-Dame du Laus, for example, in the very shadow of the mountain of La Salette, is one such example. 

Having just returned from pilgrimage to France, Michael Matt will share the stories and messages of these ancient apparitions sites and their connection to our times. He will speak about the only approved apparition of St. Joseph, and he will save for last a surprise (and long forgotten) message from St. Philomena that he himself unearthed high in the French Alps many years ago – a message also connected to the coming Great Apostasy. 

Catholic Author and Apologist John Salza will address the topic: Title: “Fatima is Not merely a “Private” Revelation”

How do our opponents rationalize the complete failure of the last eight Popes to consecrate the nation of Russia according to Our Lady’s command? Some actually convince themselves that the consecration has been done, even though no Pope has ever consecrated Russia in union with all the Catholic bishops, Russia has not converted to the Catholic Faith and the world is not at peace. But those who see the obvious problems with this position rationalize it another way. They say that Fatima is only a “private” revelation which does not bind Catholics in faith (as if believing in Our Lady’s commands are optional because they are not part of general revelation).

In this talk, Mr. Salza explains that Fatima is not a mere “private” revelation that can be dismissed, but rather a public prophecy for the Church and the world. And because the object of the Fatima prophecy is God Himself revealing (which the Church herself has affirmed), our motive for believing in Fatima is the assent of faith. This presentation will provide Catholics with much clarity on the distinction between private revelation and public prophecy, and the various motives for belief as regards God revealing and the Church teaching.

Dr. Andrew Childs, Professor of Music, will deal with the unique topic: “The Composer as Teacher: Bach’s Mass in B-minor”

No greater aid to Faith exists that that which inspires a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of the Mass. Since the mid-14th-century, composers have written settings of the Mass Ordinaries, polyphonic masterpieces that not only serve a Liturgical function within the Holy Sacrifice, but provide a musical means to a more profound contemplation of the Mass.

Briefly reviewing the history of polyphonic Mass cycle composition –with notable examples – the talk will focus on an in-depth consideration of the ultimate musical consideration of the Mass, the Mass in B-minor of Johann Sebastian Bach. Beyond providing a stunning line-by-line musical exegesis of the Mass Ordinary texts, the Mass in B-minor stands as one of the great ironic twists in cultural history – that God would grant to a devout Lutheran the task of providing the supreme musical expression of the Catholic Mass. 

Christopher Ferrara will deal with the important theme: “The Crisis of this Pontificate: Don’t Despair. Look to History”

Cardinal Ciappi, personal theologians to four popes, said “In the Third Secret, it is revealed, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.” Mr. Ferrara, who has researched and written extensively on the Third Secret (including two books on the topic) will take us through the history and the significance of the Third Secret of Fatima. Why was it not revealed in 1960? What are we to make of the reluctance of Vatican leaders to disclose its contents? What about the alleged “release” in Year 2000? What about the clumsy explanations that try to claim the Third Secret has nothing do a crisis of Faith? What about the claim that the Secret is simply a prediction of the 1981 assassination attempt at John Paul II? What recent evidence has surfaced to further demonstrate that the Third Secret is actually comprised of two texts: one that was released and another still kept hidden? How does knowledge of the Fatima prophecies, and a correct assessment of the Third Secret, help us to navigate the tumultuous period of the present Pontificate. These and many more questions will be addressed by Mr. Ferrara in what promises to be a fascinating presentation.

Catholic Author Cornelia Ferreira will speak on “St. Philomena: a Saint for Saints.”

For about fifteen centuries the body of the Virgin and Martyr St. Philomena lay hidden in the catacombs of Rome. In 1805, three years after her discovery, her relics were transported to a church in a village near Naples, whose humble pastor had desired the relics of a Virgin Martyr to encourage virtue in his parish. The little Saint rained down upon the travelers and those who came out to meet her procession a veritable deluge of prodigies and miracles. Her favors continued so prodigiously through the nineteenth century that Pope Gregory XVI, who personally witnessed a first-class miracle, called her “the great Wonder-Worker of the XIXth Century.” Under the strict scrutiny of the Church, innumerable miracles have been documented, and St. Philomena’s blessings continue worldwide to this day.

Catholic Family News Editor John Vennari’s talk is titled, “Prophecy and the Language of Heaven.”

Over the past 200 years, the visitations of Our Lady to various parts of the earth have increased dramatically. What is the constant message we find in them? What are Heaven’s concerns? What are Heaven’s warnings? What, in short, is the ‘language of Heaven’? in this regard? Once we cover this intriguing history, we turn to the present to ask this simple question: do modern Catholic Churchmen speak this language of heaven? What is the constant message we find coming from today’s Churchmen? What are their concerns? What are their ‘warnings’? What is their ‘language’? Is it the same as the constant language of Heaven we find manifest in the visitations of Our Lady over the past 200 years? And if it is not the same language, why not? If we do not find the same concerns, why not? Who is correct, Our Blessed Mother, or our modern Churchmen who attempt recast the faith within more a humanist and ecumenical structure? Much to talk about in this topic.

Please sign up now and secure your place at our “Prophecies, Miracles and Aids to the Faith”.

Conference begins on Friday evening with Rosary at 6:45, first speech at 7:30 pm.
Final conference speech of weekend ends at 4:30 Sunday afternoon (full schedule soon to be posted)

See conference details/signup below…

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John Vennari

John Vennari was the editor of Catholic Family News from 1994 until his death by cancer on April 4, 2017. His single mission was to teach people how to recognize and resist the pernicious errors of Modernism, especially since Vatican II. In connection with this mission, he was a zealous apostle of Our Lady of Fatima, collaborating closely with Fr. Nicholas Gruner (1942-2015).

John Vennari

Avatar photo

John Vennari was the editor of Catholic Family News from 1994 until his death by cancer on April 4, 2017. His single mission was to teach people how to recognize and resist the pernicious errors of Modernism, especially since Vatican II. In connection with this mission, he was a zealous apostle of Our Lady of Fatima, collaborating closely with Fr. Nicholas Gruner (1942-2015).